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If you need help now, call (800) 445-1195
If you need help now, call
(800) 445-1195

Employees and Family

We make it easy to ask for help

When you reach out to us, our team of licensed, master’s level counselors is ready to offer expert consultation, assessment, and referral services. Whether you're an employee or a family member, you can take advantage of unlimited consultations with our counselors.

We provide live answering services 24/7 to offer immediate crisis support. Our comprehensive resources and services cater to the unique needs of individuals and families, regardless of their location within the U.S. Our counselors are trained to assess and assist with a wide range of challenges, including behavioral health, family, workplace concerns, and community-related issues.

Rest assured, our services are completely confidential, prioritizing your privacy and well-being.

In the Moment Support

Personalized Referrals

Live Weekly Wellness

Live Weekly Wellness

Our live, virtual weekly wellness is designed to boost your emotional health and wellness. We teach evidence-based strategies such as chair yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing, journaling, and other positive psychology topics to help you engage your body’s natural relaxation response.

6-Session Model

  • Employees and their family members may receive up to six EAP sessions per issue, per year that affect their work-life balance.
  • EAP sessions are for short-term problem resolution and available via telephonic means or face-to-face with a Coastline EAP counselor.
  • Referral to an in-network provider for outpatient treatment is available when recommended and accepted.
  • The Coastline EAP counselor will determine with the client if EAP sessions or outpatient treatment is the best option based on clinical expertise.
We address the following concerns:
  • Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief/Loss
  • Trauma
  • Legal Referrals
  • Financial Referrals
  • Eldercare
  • Childcare
  • Health & Medical Referrals
  • Parenting Issues
  • Relationship Conflict, and more…

We make it easy to ask for help

We provide live answering services 24/7 to offer immediate crisis support.

Our team of master’s level counselors is here to help.

  • “Coastline’s referral services were amazing. They saved me so much time and got me started when I had no idea how to find a good counselor.”
  • “I had attempted to find counseling on my own without success. The Coastline EAP counselor was very kind and referred me to an experienced, caring, and responsive counselor who has helped my family situation tremendously.”
  • “I feel better after every conversation with my Coastline counselor. She explained everything very clearly and made using the program very easy.”
  • “Coastline EAP provided me with exactly what I needed in my moment of crisis. Their follow-ups were a comfort and encouraging.”