Employers The personal concerns of your employees can affect every aspect of your work culture as well as your bottom line. Coastline EAP partners with our client organizations in creating a productive and healthy workplace.

We have been offering high quality EAP services for more than 30 years. The experience and professional training of our Masters level clinicians, coupled with our culture of compassion and attention to customer service makes us a different kind of EAP. Between 98% (25 of the last 30 years) and 92% (during recessions) of our client employers renew with us every year.

Coastline EAP provides unlimited, confidential consultation for your management team, your employees and their family members, regardless of residence. 24 hours a day/365 days a year, we are a trusted source of support when you need it most.

Support for Employees and Families:

Live answering for 24/7 consultation, crisis support and access to the range of resources and services that best meets the individual and family needs, no matter where they live. Our Masters level clinical staff are trained to assess and assist with all behavioral health, family, work and community challenges.

Tell Me More Management Consultation and Support:

Coastline EAP works with HR colleagues, managers, front-line supervisors, and joint labor-management referrals, to encourage early intervention when job performance is first a concern. Integration with performance management processes is one of our distinguishing strengths. We are also there to assist you to help your team when a traumatic event or loss impacts your work community through telephonic and on-site critical incident and trauma support.

Tell Me More Partner in Wellness Initiatives:

Coastline EAP is a proactive partner in wellness initiatives. Through the delivery of wellness content via monthly newsletters, webinars, a robust website with resilience-building resources, participation in health, wellness and benefit fairs and our 24/7 consultation services, employees are encouraged to implement wellness strategies before a work, behavioral or family crisis occurs.

Tell Me More Coastline EAP's Mobile App

With the Coastline EAP app you and your family have another way to access immediate and confidential EAP support.
Connect with Coastline EAP's online tools. Discover expert information, support, and practical solutions for issues that impact your work, health, and life...

Tell Me More Value for Your Investment:

A quality EAP pays for itself! In addition to behavioral health interventions and other work/life challenges, Coastline EAP clinicians are trained in employee relations law and precedents to tailor recommendations to workplace realities. Intervention and recommended service plans are customized for the extensive variety of concerns that employees and their family members face, leading to increased return on investment.

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